The Good in Internet Marketing

When we think of the term internet marketing, what usually comes in mind are the endless ads and pop-ups that appear whenever we visit sites on the Web. From an average person’s point of view, what he or she sees on these advertisements don’t really matter, and most of us don’t even take the time to read what’s in it. What a lot of us fail to see (most of the time), is the reason why the people behind this put tons of effort in maximizing online marketing efforts to generate publicity schemes in promoting their business.

The new face of online marketing

The premise of Internet, online or digital marketing, whatever we want to call it, has evolved big time. Now, there are different social media platforms that a businessman or entrepreneur can use and enjoy. Internet marketing is in some ways similar to Business Succession Planning and Exit Planning.

All three share fairly analogous goals. Both these plans of action, together with online marketing, are aimed towards choosing the right means and procedures in getting the best out of your business. To do that, one has to have extensive knowledge and expertise. When we talk about experts in these fields, one name that you’ve probably come across is Craig West.

Know your expert

importance of online marketingCraig West began his practice as a CPA in Australia where he had worked with countless business analysts and owners. His job’s focus was on helping clients with Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for business sales. From his endless business transactions, he noticed that a lot of businesses were being handled badly. Entrepreneurs sold their business either at the wrong price or the wrong time, or worse, both. Some people paid too much tax and the more awful thing about it is, most of them did not have any sort of contingency plan to prepare them for the worst case scenario.

Craig West realized the fact that business owners who weren’t very good at crisis handling were extremely vulnerable to downfall.He felt that he can further help them know their way through the ropes and be proactive. Though he recognized the fact that there were lawyers, accountants and financial analysts who were whizzes at what they do, he also knew that there wasn’t anyone who worked to put all this ‘together’.

He did a lot of talking and researching to know what he can do, and to find where he can meet the right people who will teach him how he can educate others. He decided to sell his accounting practice to pursue his new found passion of aiding businessmen in approaching the conflicting and multifaceted sides of running a business.

He figured that he wanted to acquire more information so he attended the Exit Planning Institute in the United States, where he became a Certified Exit Planning Advisor,to equip himself with the technical skill he needed to guide and assist clients in choosing what’s best for business.

After he has achieved his core goal, he decided to go back to Australia to put into practice what he had learned at the institute. He eventually became the founding owner and a partner at Succession Plus, a strategic advisory firm that deals mainly with incorporating entrepreneurs with approaches that they can use to build and protect equity, raise capital, and ultimately, get the best value for their business before they exit. The company eventually became the largest business succession and exit planning firm in Australia, now with branches in the United States.

What you need to know

Exit Planning differs from Business Succession Planning the sense that it is broader and more complex. The latter majorly revolves on identifying an heir or a successor who will take over his business,which is mostly about continuity and leadership management transfer. The former,on the other hand, covers a wider array of aspects that need to be taken care of, when one decides to sell his business or leave it for good. This would involve present and future planning and strategizing so he can attain projections and goals before he exits.

Digital marketing plays a vital role in how we market our business today. Like it or not, you have to know how to advertise your products on the internet because it doesn’t just attract customers, it also gives good publicity thus, driving sales, given the right formulas. By maximizing what we have on social media, we can create the best images that we want our company to project.The power of the internet is vast and beyond grasp as it has become an aspect of everyday life.

If you want to promote something and you want people to ‘know’ about it or for it to trend, make it fresh and appealing, then post it on the internet. On the other hand, if you want to know the best options you have for your business, you know who to look for.

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