Digital Marketing in the Horse Racing Betting Industry


Horse racing is a dying sport among millenials, according to a sports analyst. Millenials are more interested in making bets on football and other sports. It has been noticeable that attendance has been down on raceday and the fan base is aging. Horse racing always attracted a mature crowd and is now seeking a younger and broader audience. The future of the racing industry will increasingly depend on turning millenials into customers. To ensure a prosperous future for the game, the next generation of race-goers must be educated to enjoy the horse racing experience in a fun and easy to understand way.

Digital marketing in the horse racing betting industry is an effective millennial strategy. Millenials, the new generation of horse racing fans are young, tech savvy and exposed to a wide variety of digital options. They have limited race experience and basic understanding of handicapping. Digital marketing strategies should express the passion for every aspect of the horse racing experience and must be shared with everyone. Marketing efforts to be effective must spread the passion and participation in the game. Enabling and encouraging new and current race-goers to share the thrills of horse racing with friends and family will make the strategy effective.

Young punters embrace online and mobile platforms. Horse racing betting is being driven by the convenience of mobile devices today. Addiction to mobile devices is a regular component of modern marketing era. Horse racing sites should focus their attention on mobile betting platforms and expect more than 50% of their revenues to come from mobile channels. Online betting is influenced by user experience, quality of the game and regular discounts. Within the horse betting market most of the search volumes comes from the following keyphrases: betting, online betting, betting site, betting online, free bets,  betting websites and online betting sites. Online betting sites must be optimised for these keyphrases.

Innovative digital marketing and return on investment from online platforms can be achieved by using the right technology. After educating the millenials about every aspect of the horse racing experience, we must encourage them to share the thrills with the new digital tools. ProGroup Racing is one of the betting sites that have successfully integrated their main site with a wide range of social assets, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to engage directly with customers to help fans share their passion. The type of content typically posted in the social media accounts include sports news, betting insights, predictions, updates on live games, betting odds and tips, post-match reviews and other interesting stories.

Racecourse digital marketing should be maintained by targeting key customers segments such as horse lovers, punters, social media influencers, tourist and corporates. Marketing team can use their social media pages to encourage customers by sharing photos and videos of fans, horses, jockeys, celebrities and events. It can also be used to provide educational information, promotion, contest and rewards. Post interesting content regularly to keep fans and followers aware and engaged.

Microblogging and video blogging has the potential to rank well in organic search engines. Race videos and blogs attract current fans, new race-goers would benefit from educational content. Daily blog visits is a great website traffic driver. Creating better blog content can increase web traffic and web conversion. Blog can also serve as content for social media post as well as a teaser for an email marketing campaign.

Digital marketing in the horse racing betting industry must be aimed in acquisition of new customers, retention of current users, winning back of past customers, increasing the number of website traffic and increasing conversion rate. Digital marketing strategies are important not only to attract high volume of web traffic but to convert visitors to punters. There is a big opportunity for marketers to target effective solution and optimise the results offered by digital media.