Challenges in the Corporate Fitness Business: Marketing Your Corporate Health Website

Corporate Fitness BusinessCompanies who screen their employees for physical fitness before recruiting them for work will think that implementing corporate fitness programs will prove to be redundant and a waste of money. Convincing the bosses and top executives of a company about the benefits of corporate health is just one of the many challenges that pose significant hurdles to the success of a corporate fitness business.

Like other companies from different industries, a corporate health company may employ email marketing, PPC, and other online marketing techniques for their websites. These online marketing efforts can be viewed and acted upon by company owners as potential clients at any given time of their convenience.

Additionally, companies in the corporate fitness business will also need to consider the fact that they also handle time-sensitive issues like emergency situations such as work-related injuries or accidents. Those companies with no prior corporate health partner will be forced to scour the internet for the most visible, and the quickest to act on a company need will be the one to come out victorious.

Therefore, visibility and flexibility are two of the many important characteristics that the corporate health company needs to exhibit. And these will have to be highlighted during the marketing endeavours in order to invite more potential customers. For a company to have a proper direction in today’s marketing arena, it will have to be poured on properly advertising their company’s website.

Marketing Corporate Health Website: Strategies to Counter-act the Challenges

Online marketing should start by creating a powerful website. The company website will become the forefront in the marketing battle. It is the company’s store in the digital world, where people can read and see what the company services and products will be like. Whatever elements that potential customers will experience through the website will become influential in the success or failed direction of the company’s future.


Branding is a crucial element in website marketing. This is the part where a corporate health company can illuminate potential customers on the exclusive elements that make the company stand out from the rest of the competition. In order to get the attention of potential customers, a company has to devise creative ways on how its healthcare products and services will be perceived by future customers positively.

Branding can become an effective tool by using precise wording and good website aesthetics. These will be needed so that the right message can be properly communicated. Does the company provide custom-fit solutions to different health-related issues by the employees? Does it offer total healthcare support, from comprehensive health check-ups to a solid healthcare insurance?

All of these elements that may not be offered by other companies will have to be positively flashed on conspicuous pages of the company website so that it can be easily seen by potential customers. This is a great way to successfully advertise the real picture of the company’s competent brand of products and services.


Search engine optimisation or SEO is a strategy that will help the company website, its pages and contents, to show up higher on the results page of a search engine (such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing) so that it can be visible to potential clients at the time of the client’s need.

By employing SEO, a company website may be able to improve its ranking from 10th to 1st on a Google’s results page for the phrase “employee health and fitness,” for example. When the company websites gets ranked high on the results page, then there is also a higher chance that a potential user will click on it so that he or she can be directed to the actual company website.

SEO is multi-faceted and can be too complex. So for a company to reap the benefits from their website, they will need to learn about it. Alternatively, they can also hire a third-party SEO company which will do the services for them. This beneficial technique may allow the corporate health company to easily reach out to their potential clients looking for healthcare services for their employees, and all can be done through the convenience of their computers and digitally connected mobile devices.

Enhanced Web and UX Design

Directing potential customers to the company website using SEO is only half the job. Once these website visitors land on the website, they will need to be properly accommodated. This can be done through improving the website’s design and user experience (UX).

The website has to be user-friendly, smooth, and easily navigable. All important aspects of the website’s design will need to be easy to manoeuvre. Pertinent information, including contact details, has to be easily seen and understood. In short, the website elements will need to be engaging to valuable users, who will become future customers, and should not drive them away.

A company may seek the services of a web design expert or a UX specialist so that the corporate health company’s website can reach the modern website design standards. During the initial stage of planning for the company website, this crucial element should already be included so that the website can immediately be set up to its appropriate form and function.

Website Content Optimisation

Providing educational information regarding corporate health and the healthcare industry, and not just on the company’s products and services, could also give major benefits not only to the website user but most importantly to the company.

There may be times when a website user will be seeking out for information about a specific employee health and fitness strategy or ways to add gym services in a small company. These types of enlightening information could quench the curiosity of website users and may also become a great way to bring potential customers to the company’s doors.

A company website providing educational information regarding its industry is also helping its website’s SEO efforts. The more keyword-rich content the website will have, the better will also be its ranking. And as explained above, a higher rank means higher chances of receiving website visits.

In addition, content optimisation should also include full details of the company staff, history, mission, and vision. This is important in generating trust within potential customers. Companies who grow trust in the organisation that handles their employees’ physical health and wellbeing will become automatic sales point for positive feedback and referrals.