Strategies for Marketing Security in the 21st Century

Those involved in the security business are not having much difficulty marketing their products and services. We live in a paranoid time because of extreme religious and political terrorism, and most importantly, because that fringe violence is endlessly projected onto our screens by the media, and now, also, by technologies babies, social media. These mirrors are distorting the threat of danger a hundredfold or more. Similarly, parents are worried about the safety of their children from sexual predators, because of the huge media focus on these paedophiles. Our security and police forces are better at catching criminals than ever before, but the endless news cycle presents us with the impression that danger never sleeps.

Strategies for Marketing Security in the 21st Century

So, what are the best strategies for marketing security in the 21st century? In the digital sphere, aligning your security services with the battle against the overhyped threats can never be a bad thing, but, also some understated gravitas can separate you from the shrill noise being made by everybody else. A campaign utilising a celebrity survivor of a recent disaster can be a powerful PR move. The real life aura of someone who has faced off with danger during a typhoon, fire, flood or earthquake, can make a strong impression on the jaded viewing public.

9/11 survivors are very bankable, especially fireman. Frontline soldiers who were decorated for their acts of heroism in Iraq and Afghanistan are equally effective when marketing online locksmiths, security companies and gunsmiths. Anti-virus software for computers has been successfully promoted by ex-hackers who served time in prison after being captured by the FBI. Putting a well-known face at the head of a campaign, which seeks to sell security in whatever form it comes in, is a sure fire winning strategy.

Direct mail marketing, which utilises the element of fear, can also be a powerful marketing tool. When a potential customer receives a letter which contains a plastic bag containing a small amount of an unknown chemical agent in powder form, it can jolt that individual out of his or her comfort zone. If the letter warns of the dangers faced by people everywhere from terrorism of this nature and offers a solution through the product or service being marketed, then this is powerful and effective advertising. Fear sells, as folks are motivated to protect their families and loved ones. Gun sales go up. Security cladding sales increase. Exploit the paranoia and your business will benefit.



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