Some Important Business Marketing Tips

robert kirbyBusiness marketing is basically a simple way to promote the sale of services or products to other businesses. Typically, this is done by selling to other businesses or organizations that in turn either use the service for its operational purposes or resell the product. One of the most common sectors that rely on business marketing to make sales is the life coaching business. As Robert Kirby, an international speaker, executive coach and president of KIRBY GROUP avers, the most successful marketing strategies in this field are typically niche oriented and use a variety of approaches to reach their target market.

The life coaching business is one sector where business marketing is heavily used; advertising is often done through direct mail and tends to be more personal and direct than general advertising targeting consumers. It is worth mentioning that this direct relationship gives clients more leverage in negotiating costs or even the kind of services or products offered. Apart from businesses, the list of customers can include non-profit organizations, government agencies, academic institutions etc. Here are some other marketing strategies used in this business model, they include but are not limited to the following;

Brand Development

Just like any other form of marketing, business marketing does include the strategic development of a brand, this is also known in some quarters as branding. Most businesses achieve this by developing logos and coming up with a variety of promotional materials that not only identify the business, but also makes the business stand out. A successful branding campaign does clearly and quickly communicate the service, establish loyalty and credibility, offer an emotional connection and motivate the buyer towards making a purchase.

Developing an online marketing plan

Technology does play a significant role in any worthwhile marketing campaign. Most businesses do this through social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter etc. They also ran well targeted and meticulously planned email marketing campaigns to reach their target market. Most if not all of these businesses also tend to have up-to date and responsive websites which ensure that they can be reached by many people. Generally, the internet is used to expand the overall scope of the business both locally and internationally.

Writing a book

Businesses such as life or executive coaching enterprises are by their very nature quite personal. As Robert Kirby Sydney, executive coach and author of “Dancing Dragon or Headless Chicken – Unleashing the Leader in You” acknowledges; a book gives you credibility and status as well as something to sell at all your speaking engagements, on your website and on other online sites such as Amazon. This not only serves as a means of earning some extra income but also helps you stamp some authority in the sector.

Offering free introductory sessions

This strategy comes in very handy for new entrants in any market segment even though it can be effectively used by old players who are introducing new services or products in their lineup. Being new in the market you either lack a strong client portfolio or are virtually unknown, offering a “try before you buy” session to your prospects can be quite effective. This gives prospects the chance to have a trial experience of what you are offering before making a decision. You should be careful though so as not to give out too much detail during such sessions but leave them yearning for more. For more further information about Robert Kirby Sydney you can visit

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