Rubbish Removal Industry Benefits From Digital Marketing

The rubbish removal, or waste management, industry, has, probably, benefitted more from the advent of digital marketing than any other. Why? Well, in the bad old days, trash was, just that, trash, and nobody trash talked, except the Australian cricket team. We all couldn’t give a rat’s arse about the shit we threw in the bin. Crap was crap, smelly old bins and Slim Dusty songs about ‘your old dad, being a dustman’. Rubbish had not, at this stage, been elevated to the heady heights of ‘waste management’. Today, of course, it is a different story, they even have waste management exhibitions and companies sponsor salubrious golf tournaments.

Rubbish Removal Industry Benefits From Digital Marketing

Waste is big business in the twenty first century and the Internet has been responsible for much of that new status and recognition. Digital marketing allows consumers and businesses to read and research the many developments, which have occurred in the business of bins. Recycling is, if not on everyone’s lips, it’s on the next best thing, their guilty consciences. Delirious mums and dads stumble into supermarkets, feeling their coat pockets for recycled bags to carry the shopping in. Every time a family member chucks something in the bin at home, they madly ponder whether they have put it in the right bloody bin.

The rubbish removal industry benefits from digital marketing, like flatmates with benefits, because they get to fly their flag on social media. Do gooder stuff gets posted on Facebook and Twitter, almost as often as pornographic content. Pics of smiling old people picking up rubbish on beaches, images of families rescuing dolphins from plastic bags in the ocean, snapshots of deranged young people burying wet rubbish in the backyard – these and more are the fodder of Instagram and Pinterest.

Businesses can check out the many services on offer from a range of waste management operators and compare prices online. They can read about how to best minimise their waste and the cost of managing that, which is a massive part of doing business in the modern era.  The digital footprint of the rubbish industry is strewn with success stories. Ranking well on Google is fast becoming the most important criteria for success in the rubbish economy (and I don’t mean Australia, Mr Turnbull). Modern rubbish removal websites are like a licence to print money, if they are done well and have the professional support of SEO and social media management.

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