Marketing Hotels, Hotel Restaurants,and Function Rooms

hotel restaurants - birthday party venuesHotels are no easy establishments to run. They can offer an on-going struggle to maintain excellent staff management with great customer satisfaction. For the hotel to continue its existence, the hotel owner must always strive to achieve increasing profits. One of the most vital features of a hotel that can really turn in substantial income is its restaurant and function rooms.

Function rooms have the flexible ability to cater to almost any need- for birthday party venues, wedding venues, or any other special occasion- they can be transformed according to customer’s preference. Restaurants, on the other hand, provide convenience by taking away the hotel guests’ predicament on where to take their next meal.

With the significant potentials that restaurants and function rooms possess, how do you successfully market them?

Promoting Hotel Restaurants and Function Rooms

Start by focusing on the elements of your hotel restaurant and function rooms that stand out from the rest of your competition.

For your restaurant, do you have a unique ambience? How about a one-of-a-kind menu? Highlight that in your marketing so that potential customers will know that you are one of the must-visits in the place.

For function rooms, do you have the best HVAC system in place? If so, emphasise that on your marketing materials. Having the best HVAC system means that your guests can control the temperature inside your function room to their content without you having to look like saving on electricity. Having a greatly efficient HVAC system allows your venue to utilise fewer kilowatts and less energy while cooling or heating a function room.

Transform your employees into voluntary salespersons.

Another way to help spread the word about the availability of your hotel’s function rooms and restaurant is by having your employees turning into your salesmen. You can simply do this by making sure that your employees are happy and contented.

If your employees feel that they are doing a valuable job then they will no longer need encouragement to become salespersons themselves. They will not hesitate to become the perfect ambassadors for the services that your business is offering. They will go out on their own to positively talk to as many people as possible about the great function room and venue services that you have in your hotel establishment, or the fantastic eating experience that people will have if they dine in your hotel restaurant.

Make your employees happy and contented by recognising their work as very valuable. Paying them accordingly can also go a long way in creating a healthy working relationship within your hotel establishment.

Employees with outgoing and friendly attitudes will have a huge trickle effect for your business. These employees will create a significant impact to guests because they will make the guests feel welcomed and hence will likely recommend your services to the guests’ family and friends. So when it comes to marketing your business, never leave behind your most important asset: your employees.

You can also add a personal touch to your marketing.

Talking to the hotel’s guests directly can produce a desirable impact. Your guests may have an upcoming event and they need a particular venue for that. The guests will appreciate the personal touch that you are providing for them, even if it’s just you talking directly to them about your hotel’s unparalleled services.

Package Promos for Hotel Restaurants and Function Rooms

Like hotel promotions, function rooms and hotel restaurants can also be marketed through promos and packages. You can bundle a product or service with the usage of a particular function room. This can be a great value for your customers’ money.

For example, you can add an overnight stay at one of your hotel’s luxury rooms for free if your customer chooses a particular function room.  You can also give free meal passes to your restaurant if guests book a room in the hotel. Just make sure that the promo is irresistible and is truly a real value for the money.

You can also apply a package promo to these two amenities. For example, you can offer a “Food+Venue Package,” where guests get a discount if they choose to hire your restaurant to provide the food for the event that will be held in one of your hotel’s function rooms. Make sure that the discount is significant enough to be lower than if the customer will hire a third-party food provider.

If you have an interior decorating team on standby, then you can also add theme decoration package to your promo.

Another great promotional tactic is the “Early Bird Promo.” You can give your potential customers a considerable incentive if they book your venue in advance through an initial deposit, rather than leaving things ad hoc. This is a great way to secure a booking, which is also helpful with your business planning and cash flow.

There are many ways that you can go about this: (a) Book in advance and get complimentary pass to a certain event, (b) Book your event at least 1 month in advance and get bumped up to premium upgrade, (c) Book our venue in advance and get a complimentary discount, etc. The possibilities are endless; all you need is a little creativity.

Use the Power of the Internet

Basically, everyone is on the internet today. So why not unlock the power of the internet to spread the word about your awesome venues for hire? If you already have a website for your hotel business, then there is no need to create another one. Have your website assessed by a professional for efficiency. Overhaul your website so that those elements that are not working will be eliminated.

You don’t need to be an online marketing specialist to apply SEO or social media marketing for your website. There are many third party companies who can provide excellent services regarding this. Just remember that it is impossible to apply effective online marketing techniques to a poorly-executed website. Thus, it must start with re-structuring your website to become SEO-friendly.

Speaking of social media, you shouldn’t be left behind by this massive online marketing platform. Don’t just list your business on Four Square, Yelp, Google Map, and other venue listing websites. You have to create a presence on social media sites like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and many more. These websites are not only the perfect locations for you to market your business but most importantly they allow you to receive customer feedbacks, comments, and concerns so you can continue to improve on your business.

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