Marketing Eco-friendly Waste Management to Businesses


Waste management businesses often provide services across multiple waste activities including waste collection and recycling. Their environmental performance includes protecting the environment, enhancing the communities they service and complying with the local rules and regulation. Waste management businesses are helping the environment and the economy. The environment benefits through energy savings, efficient use of landfills over a longer period of time, fewer air emissions and less water pollution. The economy benefits through more jobs and increased earnings.

Marketing plays a key role in getting the word out in the business community about the valuable eco-friendly waste management services your company can provide to customers. Services should aim to market practical solutions to businesses that want to avoid future cost. All the marketing activity of waste management should clearly communicate the services they offer and answer the main questions that the industry might have.

Doyle Bros is an Australian family-owned and operated eco-friendly waste management company with over 20 years’ experience providing Sydney with cost-effective waste management and recycling solutions in both the commercial and industrial spheres. Their marketing efforts address regular collection schedules; they collect every day of the year 24 hours a day. The amount of waste collected for recycling is almost 100% commercial and industrial waste. All General Waste Collections are deposited at their Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where it is carefully sorted and all recyclable material is recovered.

All Paper and Cardboard Recycling collections are deposited at their Paper and Cardboard Recovery Facility (PCRF) where it is sorted and bailed and then sold locally and used to manufacture new paper products and cardboard packaging. All waste will be sorted and recycled accordingly, enabling a 75% reduction in land fill. Doyle Bros implements cost effective initiatives that keep rubbish removal costs within budget.

Doyle Bros uses word of mouth to market their business. Satisfied customer is still the best advertising. Part of keeping abreast with technology, they are now using internet marketing as part of their marketing mix. An optimized website was utilized to let people know of the great work they are doing.

But a multitude of marketing strategies can also be used to promote and expand the waste management business operation. Some of them are:
Yellow pages listing – is still a good way to let possible consumer know your business exist.
Business cards and brochure – effective business cards and brochures are essential in generating referrals and repeat calls.
Professional referrals – establish relationships with realtors, renovation centers, moving companies that could recommend your services.
Publicity – educating the public and providing understanding of the importance of sustainable waste management system
Advertising – print advertising, mobile advertising, radio, billboard and even television.
Incentive and discounts – using discounts for paying via direct debit, discounts for volume
Email marketing – you can buy business mailing list but ensure that the information are up to date as possible.
Internet marketing – is a relatively low-cost way of attracting new customers. Search engine optimisation, educating potential customers about the benefits of your products and services.
Social media – using popular social media platforms is a great way to generate referrals and website traffic.

In todays waste management market, it is important to integrate traditional and online marketing into your business strategy. Always consider the environment and customer’s expectation and providing real added value services can increase business earning potential.

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