Marketing Children’s Entertainment To Overcome Gaming Addiction

Technology has always been a welcome addition in our daily life. It has paved the way for many of life’s conveniences and instant gratification. Gone are the days where one has to wait for longer than is necessary. We want it done, and we want it now. Convenience is the new currency, there’s no escaping it.

Consequently, people feel rushed more than ever, and stressed. The imagined need to stay one second ahead than the competition, one minute faster to get the best of everything. Wanting our children to be better, do better. Are we adequately equipped for this one upmanship?

In order to accomplish more, many parents and child minders are falling to the trap of leaving kids to the wonderful world of smart devices and unlimited screen time to entertain them and keep them quiet. New studies are pointing out the negative effects this has to our children,  It ranges from insomnia, anxiety issues to physical and psychological effects of prolonged screen time, especially to the younger children.

With the rise in screen time hazards on children, concerned parents and organisations are making a move to protect and counter the effects of screen time would have on children. There is now a move of marketing children’s entertainment to overcome gaming addiction and reduce screen time and the danger it presents to our youth. This includes increase in exposure to the natural elements of light, nature, movement and play. Practicing mindfulness and creative play and physical bonding that does not involve gadgets and devices.

Schools and organisations are now encouraging incursions as well as excursions and group activities that involve the imagination as well as mobility to promote a healthier and a more balanced life. Self-discipline should be taught as screen time should not be altogether be avoided, unless one wants their kids to be isolated and somewhat become a social outcast.


Technology will continue to evolve and with it the many advances it brings to our life. It need not be a bad thing if, like most things, screen time for children is to be practiced in moderation.

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