Healthier Smiles Community Service Grants Program

The partnership between the Australian Dental Health Foundation [ADHF] and the Mars Wrigley Foundation is one of the best things that have ever happened to the oral health of Australians, especially those of disadvantaged groups. If you are a dentist in the Australian regional community, you can apply for the Healthier Smiles Community Service Grants Program.

With applications opening on 21 April, the Grants offer dentists, teams of dental professionals, and dental students up to AU$107, 000 to help them implement oral health community service, preventive care, and education in some high-risk and most in-need communities in Australia.

There are a total of 10 X US$8,200 grants, which is approximately AU$10,780 available for registered ADA dentists or students. Over the last 10 years, the partnership between the ADHF and the Mars Wrigley Foundation has invested more than UD$1 million in oral health education, screening, and treatment to over 50,000 Australians. This has been achieved, thanks to the two organisations above, as well as the ADA and Australian government’s commitment to dental marketing strategies with purpose.

What is the aim of the Grants? Well, the Grants generally have three main aims, including:

To facilitate the delivery of oral health programs that provides sustained benefits, such as education, screening, and treatment for the disadvantaged communities across Australia.

To support the work the dental community is doing to address oral health issues which the disadvantaged communities in Australia are facing.

To ensure that Australia’s oral health outcomes continue to get better through improved delivery, access, and education. Whether you’re a Brisbane dentist looking to participate or an Adelaide orthodontist we believe you can enter as long as you’re actively taking action to benefit Australian regional communities.

Some of the recipients who have benefited from this partnership include:

The Royal Flying Doctor Service: it provides same-day dental treatment to seven remote communities throughout the Northern Territory and South Australia.

Cherbourg Volunteer Dental Clinic: it allows the provision of emergency, preventive dental treatment, as well as education to the indigenous communities living in Cherbourg.

Dental on Eyre: it received funding to implement a fluoride education and delivery program to the disadvantaged groups in the Eyre region.


Applicants must be residents of Australia and registered ADA member dentists or dental students

Applications can be made on behalf of a cross-functional team of oral health practitioners, including oral health therapists as well as hygienists

Applicants must demonstrate excellent involvement in a community oral health program or project
Your application should:

Clearly describe community need for support, and if possible, provide current and relevant statistics about the local community.

Demonstrate why the current project is timely for the community

Describe how oral health education is one element of the application

Outline anticipated outcomes and measurement approach.

How to apply:

To be considered, you need to complete and submit your application by Friday, 18 June 2021.

A Melbourne Wedding Gives You Access To Some Great Dress Designers

Finding the right wedding dress in Melbourne can be quite a daunting task. That’s because there are so many stores selling wedding dresses at various prices. But your wedding dress should be super beautiful and suits your taste regardless of where you purchase it.

Melbourne has plenty of wedding designers with a wide selection of gowns. Such an example is Brunswick. Brunswick is great for wedding gowns. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the top wedding designers in Melbourne.

Let’s get started!

1. Belle Mariee Bridal

It’s not a typo, there’s an extra E in the word Mariee and it’s there because it starts to spell: Excellence. From celebratory champagne, to fully customised and personalised consultations, the A-team at Belle Mariee Bridal promise a second to none experience. Their expert bridal stylists and consultants are all about helping each bride achieve their vision for their special day. Enter and relax in their luxurious, private and comfortable studio located in Brunswick, Victoria. Enjoy champagne, oversized dressing rooms with floor to ceiling mirrors, quality lighting and large plush lounges, fully accomodating of your bridal party and loved ones.

2. d’ltalia

d’ltalia is arguably one of the most popular wedding designers in Melbourne. It specialises in authentic couture dresses made with high-quality fabrics. Their wedding gowns are made from scratch and made to fit the bride perfectly. So if you are looking for a couture wedding gown designed and created especially for you at a fraction of the normal cost, d’ltalia is the wedding designer to speak to. Another incredible thing about d’ltalia is that they will help you choose the perfect fabric, embellishments, or French lace.  So if you are looking forward to working with a top-rated wedding designer in Melbourne, d’ltalia should be on your priority list.

2. Ana Campbell

This wedding gown designer is passionate about creating extremely beautiful wedding gowns and bridal accessories, using luxurious silks and custom-designed laces. All of their wedding dresses are created by hand.
With its 10+ years of operation, Ana Campbell has been built on creating beautifully unique, hand-embellished, and comfortable wedding dresses that will make any bride look elegant and beautiful. So if you are looking for a unique wedding dress that is tailored to your shape, style, and taste, Ana Campbell is the wedding designer to speak to.

3. Gwendolynne

Gwendolynne has been in Melbourne since 1989. Their wedding gowns are individually crafted. Since its launch in 1997, this wedding gown designer has garnered endless praises. Gwendolynne designs generally focus on an eternal style. They are timeless and absolutely beautiful. These gowns feature delicate fabrics and vintage-style details, making them perfect for brides who like a romantic look.

4. Cathleen Jia

Cathleen Jia is an expert when it comes to creating dreamy and beautiful wedding dresses. This top-rated wedding gown designer will help you design and create a wedding dress that suits your style and body shape. What’s more, Cathleen’s dresses are flattering and extremely comfortable.

5. Suzanne Harward

Suzanne Harward is one of the top wedding designers in Melbourne. Through the years she has been working as a designer, she has been able to create fascinating wedding and red-carpet gowns. So if you choose her to design and create your wedding gown, you know you are in the right hands. Her uniquely designed wedding dresses will leave any bride looking as elegant as possible.

Final thoughts

There you have it! Some of the top wedding gown designers in Melbourne. If you have a wedding around the corner, you can choose any designer on our list and be sure that your wedding gown will be extremely beautiful. Remember also to get your wedding day smile fixed by a local Melbourne cosmetic dentist before your special day.

Digital Marketing in the 21st Century

Digital marketing has come a long ways since the simple gif or animated suite of logos which was so popular for whatever reason in the 90s and early 2000s. Digital marketing now is a complex business with potentially hundreds or even thousands of variables depending on the individuals you’re marketing to (potential clients and existing customer base), familiarity with the business itself, share-ability, like-ability, Tweet-ability, and innumerable other factors. This is why it is imperative for you if you have intentions of reaching customers with your digital marketing campaigns to be able to know how to do so effectively. Part of this innovation is also recognizing that digital marketers are moving out of the city to places like the Northern Rivers of NSW and why this shift can matter.

Marketing is an Art

Digital marketing is part advertising and part art. The advertising aspect is how you can convince clients that your digital marketing platform is superior to all others. This is an important aspect because if you cannot convince potential clients that your product is better than the other guy’s, they will simply go with another platform. It is also part art because it is not enough to simply get information out there; your art comes in the delivery to your customer when you get their information out there and you make it look good. The reason individuals hire companies to do their online media advertising is because very often they do not have the skills or ability or even the artistic capabilities of making a full-on digital art campaign. Their product needs to looks beautiful and it needs to be delivered beautifully. You are not just selling yourself with online advertising – you are selling your goods, your ability to do the job, your capabilities, and your reputation.

Don’t Work With a Marketing Firm Stuck in the Past

Because marketing is being increasingly outsourced, interpersonal communication between business and marketer is less important which is leading many marketing firms to leave cities in search of lower cost facilities for their workforce. For a modern marketing campaign to be successful, a company needs both the skills to get the job done and the agility to adjust to changing market conditions themselves. This is why digital marketing agencies do so well in this modern environment. Hiring a company to market you that cannot make good business choices themselves is unwise; this is why many marketing firms are leaving the cities to places like the Northern Rivers of NSW in search of greener pastures.

Hire Right

A good rule of thumb is if your digital advertising looks cheap, people are far less likely to buy from you. We’ve all heard the old adage not to judge a book by its cover; however, people being people, that is exactly what we do. It is incumbent upon you to ensure the group you hire makes your product look the best it can be. These digital marketing companies make their livelihood by helping you make yours successful. It is essential then that these organizations be great at their job.

Not only are they capable and confident when it comes to producing an online advertising campaign, but working within the industry helps them to see current advertising trends and future trends before they occur. This helps your product always stand out as looking up-to-date and fresh by taking advantage of new technologies, social media platforms, and even potential movements within your industry to enhance your relevancy.

Don’t be caught unprepared, let professional digital marketing help your product shine above all others regardless of it being an escort directory or an AirBNB management company. Let them keep your brand looking fresh and beautiful as you ride soaring sales year after year.

Fashion and Digital Marketing

Many years ago, the established wisdom within the industry is that online marketing of fashion would not work. It was thought that customers would want to try the outfit on before committing to a purchase. Despite the hiccups of incorrect sizes and fittings the fashion business has embraced online marketing and is thriving in that space. This has been to the detriment of physical retailing of fashion in cities around the globe. High rents for shops in major cities like Sydney, Paris and London have put increased price tags on items and made them non-competitive on that basis.  Fashion and digital marketing are, now, very comfortable bedfellows.

Online Fashion Providers Thriving

Click here for a fine example of a Sydney based online fashion provider in the men’s wear space. Whether it is men’s jackets or women’s shoes, kid’s fashions or mature lady’s wear, you can source them all cheaper online. Fashion and digital marketing are making things easier for consumers than they have ever been before. Most online retailers have a free freight returns policy for customers who picked the wrong size. This takes the risk out of choosing an ill-fitting garment. The digital space is so good now that potential purchasers can see the fashion article from all angles.

Digital Marketing Has Transformed the Fashion Business

Digital marketing can, also, work in concert with bricks and mortar retailers. Client can buy online and return to the store if they get things wrong. Customers can peruse all the fashions on their smart phones as they travel on public transport to and from work. They can check things out in their lunch breaks and shop around online for the best price. Digital marketing has transformed so many sectors of so many different industries, it has been a god send for the fashion business.

You Can Reach Your Market 24/7

Digital marketing is great for branding and social media is stunning for creating followers and likes. Virtual fashion shows are less expensive to produce and can garner a much wider audience. Global marketing is now possible thanks to the digital realm. Holidays no longer have to adversely impact sales. You can reach your market when they have time on their hands and a portal in their palms. Create style guides to lead the way for consumers in their fashion choices at work and socially. Giveaways on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook are great for building a network of potential clients.

Rubbish Removal Industry Benefits From Digital Marketing

The rubbish removal, or waste management, industry, has, probably, benefitted more from the advent of digital marketing than any other. Why? Well, in the bad old days, trash was, just that, trash, and nobody trash talked, except the Australian cricket team. We all couldn’t give a rat’s arse about the shit we threw in the bin. Crap was crap, smelly old bins and Slim Dusty songs about ‘your old dad, being a dustman’. Rubbish had not, at this stage, been elevated to the heady heights of ‘waste management’. Today, of course, it is a different story, they even have waste management exhibitions and companies sponsor salubrious golf tournaments.

Rubbish Removal Industry Benefits From Digital Marketing

Waste is big business in the twenty first century and the Internet has been responsible for much of that new status and recognition. Digital marketing allows consumers and businesses to read and research the many developments, which have occurred in the business of bins. Recycling is, if not on everyone’s lips, it’s on the next best thing, their guilty consciences. Delirious mums and dads stumble into supermarkets, feeling their coat pockets for recycled bags to carry the shopping in. Every time a family member chucks something in the bin at home, they madly ponder whether they have put it in the right bloody bin.

The rubbish removal industry benefits from digital marketing, like flatmates with benefits, because they get to fly their flag on social media. Do gooder stuff gets posted on Facebook and Twitter, almost as often as pornographic content. Pics of smiling old people picking up rubbish on beaches, images of families rescuing dolphins from plastic bags in the ocean, snapshots of deranged young people burying wet rubbish in the backyard – these and more are the fodder of Instagram and Pinterest.

Businesses can check out the many services on offer from a range of waste management operators and compare prices online. They can read about how to best minimise their waste and the cost of managing that, which is a massive part of doing business in the modern era.  The digital footprint of the rubbish industry is strewn with success stories. Ranking well on Google is fast becoming the most important criteria for success in the rubbish economy (and I don’t mean Australia, Mr Turnbull). Modern rubbish removal websites are like a licence to print money, if they are done well and have the professional support of SEO and social media management.

Kitchen Renovation Marketing: SEO & AdWords Work Best

The kitchen is the most renovated room in the house. It has held this coveted position for a number of years now, in western nations around the world. The reasons for holding this top spot on the home improvement ladder are multiple. Firstly, the proliferation of cooking shows on TV has made our kitchens the scene for excitement and drama in the home. Will a triumph or tragedy emerge from your kitchen? If you have a newly renovated state of the art kitchen, the chances are better that you will turn out something seriously good to eat. Plus, cafes and restaurants have never been more popular, and we have the greatest range of ingredients to choose from that has ever been arrayed in the history of humankind.

Kitchen Renovation Marketing: SEO & AdWords Work Best

So, with all that groundswell for homeowners to want to transform their kitchens, what are kitchen renovation companies doing to take advantage of that? Is it a fact, that, kitchen renovation marketing: SEO & AdWords work best? Or, are there other means of making a meaningful splash in kitchen make-over marketing? The digital age has delivered a platform with exceptional reach for so many industries and businesses. Computers really are windows into different worlds; click on this and be transported to another screen.

Consumers have embraced the visual quality and the incredible convenience of the Internet and invited it into their homes, their phones and throughout their lives. SEO was first and what Google and the other search engines are really all about. Without SEO consumers cannot easily find what they are looking for. AdWords came next, as Google monetised their operation and allowed business to pay for the privilege of appearing on the first page of search. This can only become more expensive, as the Internet continues to grow. SEO and AdWords can work well together in the long run.

There are many fine examples of kitchen renovation company websites you can click this link if you wish to visit one, as image after interactive image captures the style and great design of these kitchens. They say a picture tells a thousand stories and you can see why when you look at a cornucopia of kitchen design images. We all see the features and appliances that turn us on. One of the best kitchen renovation home pages understands that kitchens are all about choice and original design. Home owners can put together the elements that they wish to make up their dream kitchen.


Strategies for Marketing Healthcare Online

There is an increasing number of businesses that are getting engaged in providing health care services. However, the fact remains that there are well-trained individuals and clinics decked out with good equipment and facilities that failed to do well in this competitive market. Undeniably, a lot of factors contributed to their lack of success. One of which is marketing. As a matter of fact, the healthcare industry is falling behind compared with other industries in terms of marketing.

Whether you provide vertigo treatment or chiropractic care, your business should take advantage of the extensive growth of the digital era and be innovative while staying connected and within reach. Here are some things that you should consider in creating your digital marketing strategy:

  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your marketing strategy should incorporate SEO techniques. Through these, prospective clients will be able to locate or discover your business and the services it offers. Because of the continued proliferation of Internet users, whether on computers or handheld devices, that use the web in searching information on their health or medical concerns, a functioning SEO strategy is a must.

In order for your website to appear on top of the search engine results page (SERP) and increase your overall digital presence, look into the keywords that patients and professionals in your field might use when searching for businesses that are similar to yours or to the services that you provide. Then, integrate them on your web contents.

  •  A Working and Top-Notch Web Experience

Over the years, website building tools have transformed and became different. If you paid little attention to it, it will reflect on your business. Today’s websites should be discerning, user-friendly and inviting. Patients and prospective clients must be able to navigate your webpage straight away and hassle-free. Fresh and new trends on web designs focus on giving an expeditious access to a business’ page while the other elements fall in the right place.

In improving your web experience, you can use Google Analytics which allows page administrators and business owners to know what works for users and what site features you can make better.

  •  Excellent and Informative Content

You can create educational content through blog posts, white papers and e-books. Not only these contribute to your SEO efforts, but they also establish trust between you and your clients. In doing so, your content should be able to present a solution or give an explanation to common queries that patients have in mind regarding certain treatments and therapies, or anything about the medical field and allied health.

  •  Involvement with your Customers

Probably the most effective way of increasing brand recognition is by illustrating to your patients the quality of services you provide prior to their call for it. You can do this by consistently updating your business’ social media accounts with posts and updates that are pertinent to the health industry.

Strategies for Marketing Security in the 21st Century

Those involved in the security business are not having much difficulty marketing their products and services. We live in a paranoid time because of extreme religious and political terrorism, and most importantly, because that fringe violence is endlessly projected onto our screens by the media, and now, also, by technologies babies, social media. These mirrors are distorting the threat of danger a hundredfold or more. Similarly, parents are worried about the safety of their children from sexual predators, because of the huge media focus on these paedophiles. Our security and police forces are better at catching criminals than ever before, but the endless news cycle presents us with the impression that danger never sleeps.

Strategies for Marketing Security in the 21st Century

So, what are the best strategies for marketing security in the 21st century? In the digital sphere, aligning your security services with the battle against the overhyped threats can never be a bad thing, but, also some understated gravitas can separate you from the shrill noise being made by everybody else. A campaign utilising a celebrity survivor of a recent disaster can be a powerful PR move. The real life aura of someone who has faced off with danger during a typhoon, fire, flood or earthquake, can make a strong impression on the jaded viewing public.

9/11 survivors are very bankable, especially fireman. Frontline soldiers who were decorated for their acts of heroism in Iraq and Afghanistan are equally effective when marketing online locksmiths, security companies and gunsmiths. Anti-virus software for computers has been successfully promoted by ex-hackers who served time in prison after being captured by the FBI. Putting a well-known face at the head of a campaign, which seeks to sell security in whatever form it comes in, is a sure fire winning strategy.

Direct mail marketing, which utilises the element of fear, can also be a powerful marketing tool. When a potential customer receives a letter which contains a plastic bag containing a small amount of an unknown chemical agent in powder form, it can jolt that individual out of his or her comfort zone. If the letter warns of the dangers faced by people everywhere from terrorism of this nature and offers a solution through the product or service being marketed, then this is powerful and effective advertising. Fear sells, as folks are motivated to protect their families and loved ones. Gun sales go up. Security cladding sales increase. Exploit the paranoia and your business will benefit.



Marketing Your Easy Diet Plan Business with Guaranteed Success in the Wellness Market

weight loss programsIf you’re planning to start out in the wellness industry, then you may be wondering how you can successfully market your easy diet plan business. You have to face the fact that you are in for a tough competition. There are numerous fads and popular diet strategies that have now rooted deeply in the diet-o-sphere that you will definitely need to accept some large battles in its marketing arena.

The challenges entangled in this complex industry should never cause you to falter and back down. Yes, they are tough, especially for something like your business that’s just starting out. So what you must do instead is to take these challenges as a way to strengthen yourself and find ways to manoeuvre your budding business so that it can successfully call the attention of your target market.

We feel you and we are on your side. So let this article give you ample ideas on how you can successfully drive traffic to your easy diet plan business as we lay down the foundations of marketing strategies in this niche of health and wellness.

Quality over Quantity: Valuable Wellness Programs, Not Raking Profit

When starting out, your initial plan would normally be to gain profits. This is understandable because you spent a considerable amount as capital and you would want to recoup your investments as soon as possible. Yes, profit is essential for a business to continue thriving. However, you can only go so far if your only target is to profit.

Instead of having a business philosophy like that, turn your goals toward giving your customers a real value for their money by offering the bestwellness and diet plans. When they have experienced that you are truly delivering on your promise, then your customers will automatically advertise your business to other potential customers. People will spread news about how great your diet plans and wellness programs are.

You should never provide sub-par services for a very minimal fee in hopes of attracting a large quantity of potential customers. Once news of your incompetent services spreads, that will signal the start of your business’ downfall. Avoid that by adhering to a philosophy of “Always creating value.”So, even before you begin advertising your business, you need to review what kind of services you plan to offer. Customers must experience a deep sense of satisfaction from your services in exchange for whatever fees they are giving you.

Give Customers What They Really Want

Offering diet plans and other wellness programs will require your business to be intuitive and empathic about your customers’ struggles. You should be in the business of giving effective, easy, and enjoyable ways to lose weight. This means that you must offer custom-fit plans for different individuals because not all strategies work well for every body type.

Make sure that your business is capable of determining the individual needs of your customers and then successfully addressing them through your various services and products. When marketing your business, you must emphasise the specific details about how you can address what a potential customer needs, even beyond his or her knowledge, and then how you can address those needs through your competent services and products.

With the rampant activities of fraudulent weight loss programs, people are now hesitant on whom to trust. One way to help increase your chances of having customers to pay attention to your business is by highlighting in your marketing efforts the elements that make your business different from the rest of the competition. Giving your customers what they really need in a way that has never been done before is a fantastic way to achieve this.

How to Control Attrition

Attrition occurs when a customer achieves his or her goal weight and then stops using your services or products. This can also happen when a certain client quits your program due to disappointment after failing to lose weight.

Clients who have experienced success in your program will automatically become your effective marketing representatives. They will tell friends and family about the terrible or terrific experiences that they went through because of your business. So you have to take good care of them. One way to do that is by offering additional services that will encourage and provide support to each other, such as moral community support, or regular weigh-ins to push them to go further. These things are also important in helping avoiding attrition.

Highlight these seemingly small but very important add-ons to your offerings in your marketing materials. These are important actions that will signal your true sympathy with your customers, which they will appreciate.

What Keeps Them Engaged?

In order for your marketing efforts to lure the heads of potential customers, you must know what will keep them engaged. In the easy diet plan business, your customers are aiming to lose weight so they can look good and feel great. Being healthy is also important but to look good is understandably the primary motivation by most people who will sign up.

By knowing this, you can then manipulate your marketing efforts to revolve around this concept and tell potential customers that achieving a healthy body is icing to the cake.

Online Advertising & Attracting New Customers

Promoting your business in newspapers, magazines, and flyers are great ways to advertise your business, if you have the budget for it. However, today where almost everything can be found in the digital world, you should harness the power of the internet to market your business.

Social media sites such as FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr can be very powerful marketing tools for your budding business. You must create a resounding presence for your business in the online world, especially in these popular social media sites. What’s great about these sites is that you are also able to create a two-way communication portal between you and your customers.

Besides attracting potential clients who are social media-savvy, and there are plenty of them, you are also creating a two-way information channel through social media. You can immediately receive feedbacks, reactions, and suggestions from your past clients and you can address their concerns about your business in real time.

How the create a marketing plan for a commercial property for lease

For any new commercial property for lease, having a solid lease-marketing plan is essential. This is in order to lure prospective leasers to the property. Not every owner knows how to do marketing properly, as most of them think it’s a touch and go process. What they don’t know is that a lot of analytics and research are required in order to know whom to target and how they are going to go about it. There is a lot of analysis involved when it comes to having an effective marketing strategy. Here are some suggestions for those who want to know how to create a good lease-marketing plan for property management.
Commercial Property for Lease

Know who you want to talk to

First, there should always be an objective. For example, it needs to be clear from the get-go that what is being offered is a commercial property for lease and not for sale. This should be done since it is inevitable for prospective clients to ask if it’s for rent or for sale. Also, the target market must also be specified. Strategies vary from target to target, and knowing how they are and their consumption behavior would be of great value when it comes to creating a marketing plan. An example of this would be having a bull’s eye target of yuppies for a condominium smacked in the middle of a bustling business district.

After creating an objective for the commercial property for lease, a marketing analysis will follow. Most property owners hire professional data analysts to do the job for them, as they are able to cull deep data that humanizes the target even more. Knowing how to use the data is pivotal when it comes to the lease-marketing plan. This may possibly be the most important part of the marketing plan, as this creates the picture of what the target wants and how the marketer can convince them to take a look at the property.

Creating the strategy

After analyzing the data, the team will now know their plan of attack. At this point, a strategy will be made and an insight regarding the market will be gained. A communication plan will be created for the commercial property for lease, and this will hopefully resonate with the target. Some of the milestones on the stage would be creating talk points and deciding on a main selling point. This part will also bank on the things that make the property better and different than the rest. The team will then decide which one to highlight and to be the banner.

The marketing plan for the commercial property for lease can be divided into phases. This is essential for those who wish to execute a plan before the property is being built. The phases will be beneficial if the owner wants to highlight several messages throughout the process. Also, this will progress and grow with the target market. Ultimately, the goal here is to create a marketing plan that will resonate and stick to the target audience. More importantly, the marketing plan should generate sales for the team and the owner of property.

Any marketer will face challenges throughout their plan, especially when it comes to a commercial property for lease. Some of the challenges would involve factors that are beyond their control like construction delays or contract disputes. With this said, there should be a good public relations team with them as well. They would be more than helpful in keeping the property marketable in the eyes of the consumer. Again, the marketing plan has the goal of gaining renters and possibly investors in the said property, so any bad PR will create impact.

It’s easier than ever

There are so many ways in creating a lease-marketing plan for a commercial property for lease. The digital age has made it extremely easy to get any product name out there, it’s just a matter of playing their cards right. For real estate, it is important to create buzz where it matters like on CraigsList, real estate forums, and maybe even Facebook. There is also a good number of real estate websites that will make listings for any property. At this point, there is no reason for a marketer to fail in marketing a property since resources have been handed out to them. Although creating a marketing plan can get tricky, it all boils down to targeting and engaging with the audience very well.

Marketing Hotels, Hotel Restaurants,and Function Rooms

hotel restaurants - birthday party venuesHotels are no easy establishments to run. They can offer an on-going struggle to maintain excellent staff management with great customer satisfaction. For the hotel to continue its existence, the hotel owner must always strive to achieve increasing profits. One of the most vital features of a hotel that can really turn in substantial income is its restaurant and function rooms.

Function rooms have the flexible ability to cater to almost any need- for birthday party venues, wedding venues, or any other special occasion- they can be transformed according to customer’s preference. Restaurants, on the other hand, provide convenience by taking away the hotel guests’ predicament on where to take their next meal.

With the significant potentials that restaurants and function rooms possess, how do you successfully market them?

Promoting Hotel Restaurants and Function Rooms

Start by focusing on the elements of your hotel restaurant and function rooms that stand out from the rest of your competition.

For your restaurant, do you have a unique ambience? How about a one-of-a-kind menu? Highlight that in your marketing so that potential customers will know that you are one of the must-visits in the place.

For function rooms, do you have the best HVAC system in place? If so, emphasise that on your marketing materials. Having the best HVAC system means that your guests can control the temperature inside your function room to their content without you having to look like saving on electricity. Having a greatly efficient HVAC system allows your venue to utilise fewer kilowatts and less energy while cooling or heating a function room.

Transform your employees into voluntary salespersons.

Another way to help spread the word about the availability of your hotel’s function rooms and restaurant is by having your employees turning into your salesmen. You can simply do this by making sure that your employees are happy and contented.

If your employees feel that they are doing a valuable job then they will no longer need encouragement to become salespersons themselves. They will not hesitate to become the perfect ambassadors for the services that your business is offering. They will go out on their own to positively talk to as many people as possible about the great function room and venue services that you have in your hotel establishment, or the fantastic eating experience that people will have if they dine in your hotel restaurant.

Make your employees happy and contented by recognising their work as very valuable. Paying them accordingly can also go a long way in creating a healthy working relationship within your hotel establishment.

Employees with outgoing and friendly attitudes will have a huge trickle effect for your business. These employees will create a significant impact to guests because they will make the guests feel welcomed and hence will likely recommend your services to the guests’ family and friends. So when it comes to marketing your business, never leave behind your most important asset: your employees.

You can also add a personal touch to your marketing.

Talking to the hotel’s guests directly can produce a desirable impact. Your guests may have an upcoming event and they need a particular venue for that. The guests will appreciate the personal touch that you are providing for them, even if it’s just you talking directly to them about your hotel’s unparalleled services.

Package Promos for Hotel Restaurants and Function Rooms

Like hotel promotions, function rooms and hotel restaurants can also be marketed through promos and packages. You can bundle a product or service with the usage of a particular function room. This can be a great value for your customers’ money.

For example, you can add an overnight stay at one of your hotel’s luxury rooms for free if your customer chooses a particular function room.  You can also give free meal passes to your restaurant if guests book a room in the hotel. Just make sure that the promo is irresistible and is truly a real value for the money.

You can also apply a package promo to these two amenities. For example, you can offer a “Food+Venue Package,” where guests get a discount if they choose to hire your restaurant to provide the food for the event that will be held in one of your hotel’s function rooms. Make sure that the discount is significant enough to be lower than if the customer will hire a third-party food provider.

If you have an interior decorating team on standby, then you can also add theme decoration package to your promo.

Another great promotional tactic is the “Early Bird Promo.” You can give your potential customers a considerable incentive if they book your venue in advance through an initial deposit, rather than leaving things ad hoc. This is a great way to secure a booking, which is also helpful with your business planning and cash flow.

There are many ways that you can go about this: (a) Book in advance and get complimentary pass to a certain event, (b) Book your event at least 1 month in advance and get bumped up to premium upgrade, (c) Book our venue in advance and get a complimentary discount, etc. The possibilities are endless; all you need is a little creativity.

Use the Power of the Internet

Basically, everyone is on the internet today. So why not unlock the power of the internet to spread the word about your awesome venues for hire? If you already have a website for your hotel business, then there is no need to create another one. Have your website assessed by a professional for efficiency. Overhaul your website so that those elements that are not working will be eliminated.

You don’t need to be an online marketing specialist to apply SEO or social media marketing for your website. There are many third party companies who can provide excellent services regarding this. Just remember that it is impossible to apply effective online marketing techniques to a poorly-executed website. Thus, it must start with re-structuring your website to become SEO-friendly.

Speaking of social media, you shouldn’t be left behind by this massive online marketing platform. Don’t just list your business on Four Square, Yelp, Google Map, and other venue listing websites. You have to create a presence on social media sites like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and many more. These websites are not only the perfect locations for you to market your business but most importantly they allow you to receive customer feedbacks, comments, and concerns so you can continue to improve on your business.

How to market your photo booth biz online

wedding photo booth hireThe wedding photo booth hire game is getting stiff! With more and more entrepreneurs are getting into the business, trying to be a cut above the rest is getting even more challenging as well. The product is quite simple, so it’s also difficult to decipher how one business can set it apart from the many others. They could experiment with pricing or customization offers, and so much more.

Before anything, they must first create awareness to their product. For wedding photo booth for hire, they can start small and do the dirty work in their vicinity. They can do simple options like giving away flyers or to attend to wedding and debut expos that are being held in their area. However, what all brands can explore is the use of digital marketing. This is an entirely different game in itself and any type of business can get creative with the modern medium. It’s just a matter of using it correctly, and knowing what type of execution can work best for their product.

Creating a website

The first thing that wedding photo booth for hire businesses can do is to create their own websites. They can opt for simple templated ones available on WordPress or Etsy, or if they want a worthy investment – they can hire developers and designers to create a very special website for the business. In the website, they can showcase their offerings, tell them what they are about, and show samples of events that they’ve been to. The website can serve as their proper introduction for prospective clients. In this case, they must make sure that the design looks professional and inviting enough for these prospects to try the photo booth hire for their special day.

The use of social media

Wedding photo booth for hire businesses must also be strategic in terms of playing with social media. Other than like ads and page post ads, business owners can also explore the use of carousel ads or even the all-new canvas ads to show off their services. Social media can help the business in terms of attracting more customers when prospects share content from your page. Social media can also foster direct conversation to potential clients, as they can easily mention the brand and ask inquiries directly. Transactions can also be done in a faster and more efficient manner when done through messaging. With how times are today, it is quite essential to build a social media for any brand or business.

Explore SEO, too!

Wedding photo booth for hire business owners can also explore using SEO or Search Engine Optimization. They can play around with keywords that best suit the brand, and they can first do it on a location-basis so that they can encounter potential customers that are near the area. They can also set up ads so that their website will pop up first in the search results. They can acquire writers to create blog content as well, so that they could also read up on the product. When their website has a good search ranking, then there is a big chance of raking in good business. Owners should tap SEO professionals to ensure that they get optimal results.

For any type of business similar to a wedding photo booth for hire, they should definitely explore the use of digital marketing as this is slowly becoming the new traditional. Any business should make an effort in keeping up with the times, and if any product is marketed right, then their business will definitely boom. The photo booth business has a simple product premise, so it’s just a matter of getting to know what potential customers want.

Marketing Medical Credentialing Services in Australia

Due to the exhausting and time-consuming nature of the medical credentialing process, many hospitals, health care insurance providers, and other health care facilities are now turning to medical credentialing companies to facilitate the procedure of validating the competency of the health care professionals they are affiliated with and working for them. In effect, more companies offering medical credentialing services have sprouted to compete for reliable service and formidable reputation.

When the fight for credibility intensifies in this tough market, many of these companies will then wonder what the proper ways of marketing medical credentialing services will be. These companies may spend thousands of dollars just to put their names high on the popularity list of credentialing companies, which puts a heavy pressure on the company that’s just starting up. Well, that does not have to be the only way.

Focus on High-Quality Medical Credentialing Services

Medical Credentialing SpecialistQuality service: that should be the main focus of the credentialing company in order to withstand the fierce competition and establish a powerful presence in this growing industry. With high-quality service, nothing can go wrong, and the company can increase its potential to persist through any obstacles; more patrons will flock to a company that delivers on than what it promises.

Of course, this is easier said than done especially for budding companies. However, more than the prospect of earning profits, the credentialing company must always put their customers at the forefront of their goal. This is a great reminder for the company to continue adhering to their promise of quality service. Once the company becomes founded on quality service, delivering quality results to their customers can easily become their first nature, and their reputation can easily flourish.

Next to quality service is the promise of quick response and prompt delivery of results. Medical credentialing is a long process which means a lot of time is required before it is fully accomplished. The companies promising quality services must therefore provide real-time updates to their customers to assure them that their application has indeed progressed. These credentialing companies are responsible for acquiring necessary papers and submitting them to appropriate organisations; hence,they are the ones getting the updates, and it is their responsibility to relay these updates to the medical practitioners they are representing.

Experience and knowledge are key assets that the credentialing company must possess in order to provide a quick turnaround to their customers. Knowing the process deeply and a wide experience in this field will enable the credentialing company to provide time-related alternatives to quicken the pace. The applicant will surely appreciate if the quickest route has been implemented.

The role of the medical credentialing company continues even after both the company and the medical practitioner have been notified of the final result. In the event of a rejection as final decision by the Credentialing Committee, the credentialing company must offer a compromise with the applicant, since it was the company’s job to ensure a high likelihood of acceptance. A good credentialing company must also guide the applicant regarding the re-credentialing process.

Marketing Medical Credentialing Services: Strengths and Importance on Health Care

The primary reason for the existence of a medical credentialing process is to guarantee that quality health care is provided by hospitals and health care insurance providers. Hospitals aim to hire the best doctors and health care service providers, so that they can gain trust and a good reputation among patients and potential clients. They can do this by taking steps to authenticate the medical skills, educational background, and certifications of their medical personnel.

Likewise, good health care insurance providers must also ensure that the medical practitioners they are affiliated with are guaranteed to be competent. Companies offering services related to medical credentialing can capitalise on this need by making sure that a thorough investigation of the medical practitioners is involved.

The medical credentialing company must therefore provide in-depth primary source verification. It must also double check for completeness of documents that the credentialing applicant must submit, since the company is responsible for giving valuable guidance to the credentialing applicant. During file application, only a medical credentialing expert may be able to spot a lacking document that could be vital for the applicant’s acceptance or rejection.

Medical Credentialing Companies Promote Medical Professional Privileging

Sometimes, a medical practitioner can highly benefit from the large network of hospital affiliations by a medical credentialing company. The company can refer a medical practitioner to a particular health care facility and attest to the medical practitioner’s true and legitimate competency.

Through medical privileging, the credentialing company can guarantee to the hospital that a medical practitioner is indeed properly credentialed and competent enough to practice within the scope of medical specialisation. This provides employment to the medical practitioner and at the same time becomes a valuable help to a hospital in need of a doctor who can legally practice in that specific medical field.

Exceed Expectations, But Cost-Effective

Medical credentialing companies aiming to attract a large number of potential clients must not only trumpet their promise of quality service but,more importantly, deliver more than what they are claiming to fulfill, and at a reasonable price. Even without a large push to have their company known, their reputation of constantly delivering on their promise will have potential clients lining up to experience their services. That is basically the essence of properly marketing medical credentialing services: marketing through client experience and word-of-mouth approval.

Marketing Asian Culture to Asian Australians

When we migrate to a new country, and our children are born into the culture of that new land, we all change and evolve. Parents and children undergo some sort of transformation, perhaps at different levels depending on our age and experience of the homeland. Asians who come to Australia, like Europeans who come to live in Australia, change and become a new breed of Asian Australians.

What are some of the signs? In many instances Chinese, Korean and Japanese people may find themselves slowing down a tad after some time living in Australia. Australia is a big country with a relatively small population and things are not quite so frenetic here, in comparison; even in the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. People here have more personal space and governments are less invasive of their citizen’s privacy. Communication here is more laconic and less exact in its terminology. “She’ll be right” and “no worries” are still very Australian sayings; and can mean a variety of things depending on the nuance and situation.

Marketing Asian Culture to Asian Australians

So, what about marketing Asian culture to Asian Australians? Are Asian Australians different to other Asians? A lot of Asian culture is founded on strict respect for family elders, ancestors and institutions; and many migrants maintain that strict regime within their homes. However, Australians are traditionally larrikins who poke fun at their political leaders and lack overt signs of respect for their family elders; does this rub off on some Asian Australians? Eventually, I think so, but it takes some time in most cases and it may be generations before they are as lax as many Australians are in these matters. ACM Group are one group exploring the shifts in Asian Australian identity. ACM Group on Facebook is a good example of this, as is ACM Group on Twitter.  I think it results in a more questioning and less accepting individual, especially in regard to authority figures.

This can translate in marketing terms into more media savvy and cynical consumers; who are less likely to jump on the fashionable band wagons. Brands may suffer as fewer Asian Australians buy into the spin surrounding elite consumer brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada. The whole purchase who you want to be thing may fade somewhat and Asian Australians may wish to emphasize their individuality more. The West has been obsessed with individuality for decades, and the East has traditionally been more compliant in terms of belonging to a community based identity, whether family or race. The melding of these attributes within Asian Australians may see new forms of identity emerging.

Picking The Right Cot Mattress For Your Baby

baby cot mattressA cot mattress may come in many shapes, colors, sizes, and material. Seeing and feeling alone may help you decide which one to get for yourself, but when it comes to your baby, it is a whole different story. Because babies can’t speak for themselves, it is necessary that you consult with an expert about the effects of different sleeping setups. You want nothing but the best for your baby, no doubt. So, it follows that you get the search for the best babycot right. Good thing Nanny Annie offers a wide variety to choose from and makes the decision-making process super convenient.

Although it’s not that simple, focusing on what really matters makes it easier to determine the best and the safest. We’ve narrowed down the qualifying factors to help you out. We swear by the following:

  • Sturdy trumps soft.
  • It must fit the cot like a glove to the hand.
  • Never go for a saggy one.
  • Worn and torn is not even an option.

It’s easy to incorporate softness with baby. But when it comes to mattresses, there is a high risk of infant suffocation by going with soft ones. A snug mattress is not only preferable, it is also advised by experts because it prevents suffocation hazards. It wouldn’t be passed as a law if the issue is not that big of a deal. To conform, mattresses must measure 27 ¼ in. x 51 ⅝ in., and not more than 6 in. in thickness. Falling or other accidents can come as a result of having a sagging mattress. A secondhand mattress is okay as long as its safety is examined and proven.

Nanny Annie to the Rescue

It’s not all about business for us. We truly care about babies. Each product on our list is thoroughly discussed and studied before they actually make it on the list. We know that the first thing on your mind when it comes to your baby is absolute safety and top quality. Because we love children, we couldn’t agree more! Would you trust your baby to a nanny whom you know nothing about? We didn’t think so. We have been doing what we do for years. We feel it is our duty to aide you by providing you with the best there is of anything you may need for your little angels.

And speaking of offers…

Of course, we are not limited to things that your baby sleeps in. We can also help you with other furniture, play dens, and everyday essentials like bath, toilet, feeding chairs and tables. We know the best names in baby products, and we would like to share them with you. Price, we think, is your least concern because we know you want to get the best. But, we also believe in giving you both. Part of our mission to help you is to give you a variety, all of which are for your money’s worth. And just when you think that’s good enough, we guarantee a fast and secure delivery.

The Good in Internet Marketing

When we think of the term internet marketing, what usually comes in mind are the endless ads and pop-ups that appear whenever we visit sites on the Web. From an average person’s point of view, what he or she sees on these advertisements don’t really matter, and most of us don’t even take the time to read what’s in it. What a lot of us fail to see (most of the time), is the reason why the people behind this put tons of effort in maximizing online marketing efforts to generate publicity schemes in promoting their business.

The new face of online marketing

The premise of Internet, online or digital marketing, whatever we want to call it, has evolved big time. Now, there are different social media platforms that a businessman or entrepreneur can use and enjoy. Internet marketing is in some ways similar to Business Succession Planning and Exit Planning.

All three share fairly analogous goals. Both these plans of action, together with online marketing, are aimed towards choosing the right means and procedures in getting the best out of your business. To do that, one has to have extensive knowledge and expertise. When we talk about experts in these fields, one name that you’ve probably come across is Craig West.

Know your expert

importance of online marketingCraig West began his practice as a CPA in Australia where he had worked with countless business analysts and owners. His job’s focus was on helping clients with Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for business sales. From his endless business transactions, he noticed that a lot of businesses were being handled badly. Entrepreneurs sold their business either at the wrong price or the wrong time, or worse, both. Some people paid too much tax and the more awful thing about it is, most of them did not have any sort of contingency plan to prepare them for the worst case scenario.

Craig West realized the fact that business owners who weren’t very good at crisis handling were extremely vulnerable to downfall.He felt that he can further help them know their way through the ropes and be proactive. Though he recognized the fact that there were lawyers, accountants and financial analysts who were whizzes at what they do, he also knew that there wasn’t anyone who worked to put all this ‘together’.

He did a lot of talking and researching to know what he can do, and to find where he can meet the right people who will teach him how he can educate others. He decided to sell his accounting practice to pursue his new found passion of aiding businessmen in approaching the conflicting and multifaceted sides of running a business.

He figured that he wanted to acquire more information so he attended the Exit Planning Institute in the United States, where he became a Certified Exit Planning Advisor,to equip himself with the technical skill he needed to guide and assist clients in choosing what’s best for business.

After he has achieved his core goal, he decided to go back to Australia to put into practice what he had learned at the institute. He eventually became the founding owner and a partner at Succession Plus, a strategic advisory firm that deals mainly with incorporating entrepreneurs with approaches that they can use to build and protect equity, raise capital, and ultimately, get the best value for their business before they exit. The company eventually became the largest business succession and exit planning firm in Australia, now with branches in the United States.

What you need to know

Exit Planning differs from Business Succession Planning the sense that it is broader and more complex. The latter majorly revolves on identifying an heir or a successor who will take over his business,which is mostly about continuity and leadership management transfer. The former,on the other hand, covers a wider array of aspects that need to be taken care of, when one decides to sell his business or leave it for good. This would involve present and future planning and strategizing so he can attain projections and goals before he exits.

Digital marketing plays a vital role in how we market our business today. Like it or not, you have to know how to advertise your products on the internet because it doesn’t just attract customers, it also gives good publicity thus, driving sales, given the right formulas. By maximizing what we have on social media, we can create the best images that we want our company to project.The power of the internet is vast and beyond grasp as it has become an aspect of everyday life.

If you want to promote something and you want people to ‘know’ about it or for it to trend, make it fresh and appealing, then post it on the internet. On the other hand, if you want to know the best options you have for your business, you know who to look for.

Importance of Online Marketing

importance of online marketingOnline or Internet marketing refers to advertising efforts, which make use of websites as well as emails to boost sales through electronic commerce. This form of marketing is employed together with the conventional types of advertising like magazines, newspapers, televisions, radios and more.

Today, online marketing has drastically changed the way in which information is distributed or shared which has a profound effect on marketing. For the last 10 years or more, there has been a shift towards Internet advertising since it is reliable, effective, affordable, and convenient.

Before you start an online business, there are some things you should know, including search engine optimisation, web analytics, disavowal, link detox service and more.

Importance of Internet Marketing


Online advertising can help you personalise the offers to your potential customers by creating a profile based on their purchasing history as well as preferences. All you have to do is track the web pages and details of products which visited more often by prospects or even come up with offers that reflect the interest of your clients.

Social Media

With Internet marketing, you can take advantage of the social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. In most cases, the social media can influence sales in one way or another. Therefore, you can take advantage of the social networks to generate more sales at the end of the day.


It allows for statistics to be determined more easily and at a lower cost. This is because all the elements of e-marketing campaign can be tested and traced in some form, shape and way. There are a number of ways in which you can use to measure it. They comprise of pay per impression, pay per click, and so on. In addition, web analytics play an important role in tracking response, exposure, and entire efficiency of Internet marketing by gathering, analysing as well as reporting back web or Internet data. You can use the data to determine the best return on investment (ROI).

Faster and Flexible

Online or Internet marketing campaigns can be initiated faster than the conventional types of marketing, reaching potential clients within a short period of time. Apart from being quicker, this form of advertising comes with a greater flexibility level. This implies that campaigns can be changed to suit the needs of the targeted audience or to test new markets.

Search Engine Optimisation

There are several companies that can help you market your products and services by making sure that they appear on the top or first page of the top leading search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN and others. This way, you will ensure that your competitors are kept at bay and thus you will be able to generate efficient and faster sales while boosting a profit ratio.

To generate more sales, you need to get rid of backlinks, which can lower your page ranking. You can do this by using a disavowal tool. In addition, make sure that your site is simple, loads faster and appealing to your clients. Online business is an ideal way to make money at home since it is not only affordable, but also effective. Try online advertising today and see the difference.

Why You Should Learn Effective Business Marketing And Succession Planning

Business Marketing And Succession PlanningIt is almost impossible to achieve any success without proper business marketing and succession planning. Many managers and entrepreneurs continue to struggle terribly in their pursuits for various reasons that can be solved by simply taking training from reliable life coaches. It is important to remember that about half of all business startups fail to reach their goals and successful business marketing strategies must be implemented to avoid falling into this bracket.

Fortunately, there are several trustworthy trainers in the market who can enrich you with business marketing insights and techniques. Certified practicing directors and accountants like Craig West ASIC recognized exit planner have helped many business leaders. Craig West was also named the best succession planner in 2014 by Exit Planning Institute. You can carefully review the credentials, experience and reputation of any other life coach and trainer you find.

Why is business marketing and training so important?

The benefits of having effective strategies for your business marketing and succession planning are quite obvious and straightforward. In the business world, you do not know when your favorite manager and personnel will resign or leave for a better offer. You must therefore bring up and train replacements that can step into higher responsibilities when the need arises.

Business marketing involves developing your brand and exposing your offers to the right target audience in the hopes of increasing sales. With more potential clients, more will be expected from your business and leadership gets much harder as the organization grows. Training simply equips you with the needed skills and techniques to consolidate resources and scale business operations for optimum productivity.

Finding the right training

Business marketing and succession planning is inevitable if you want success in the competitive environment. Proper marketing will ensure your brand and offers reach a big market thus increasing the chances of making more revenue. Although it may seem like a simple process, it is often tedious and involves considering many aspects as you must achieve consistency and gain trust of both employees and customers. It does not matter whether you are the boss or not, training is always invaluable.

There are many gurus and life coaches in the market and finding one should not be an overwhelming task. A good example is Craig West who is a competent public speaker, trainer and writer in this field. However, you should keenly review the trainers and their capacity to help you solve your problems. Ensure the trainers are skilled, experienced and licensed to offer such services within the region. You should also have a clear view of the goals you want to achieve from that specific training.

Planning business succession

When you start a company and employ several people to handle various areas, they are not guaranteed to stay with your company forever. You must therefore establish a framework that constantly identifies, prepares and trains potential leaders who will take up different roles when senior personnel are laid off, resign or die. It is not only a way to ensure your business is run by capable personnel but also offers opportunities for promotion and career development.

The bottom line is that businesses cannot survive without proper marketing and succession planning. The competition is so great that only forward thinking managers will prosper. It is therefore important to do whatever it takes (even if it means taking training sessions) to equip you and your leaders for the business challenges and decisions to be made. Fortunately, there are many books that have been written by experts such as Craig West. These books have all the important facts you need to know about succession planning and other related fields.

Creating A Reliable Team For Your Corporate Entertainment Business

corporate entertainmentThe entertainment sector has seen great growth in recent years, but perhaps the most remarkable improvement has been in the corporate entertainment business. With many more players coming into the field, this has created the need for players in the industry to innovate in their efforts to make their brands known. This has steered the techniques used for marketing corporate entertainment. While the use of social media is integral to proper marketing, one of the subtle ways to market your brand effectively revolves around managing a reliable team. When you consider the magnitude of the corporate entertainment field, it becomes apparent that there is need to build a strong team.

How do you build a strong team for your corporate entertainment business?

There are a number of ways in which you can create a strong team for your business. These include establishing your brand and identifying your target market, assembling a professional team, creating a sound marketing plan as well as delivering on your company’s core objectives when called upon.

Identify your target audience

The first step to building a strong team for your business is to establish your brand’s niche. The corporate entertainment field is quite broad and varied as it incorporates different forms of entertainment for different corporate organizations. Consequently, the first major step to a cohesive team is determining the core values of your entertainment brand.

Different organizations have different entertainment needs. Some companies will fly their best clients to exotic destinations as a reward. Other companies will host parties for their staff at the end of year, while a number of organizations may settle for anniversary celebrations in swanky restaurants. Depending on your target market, you should then be able to choose a specific target. Once this is in place, your team should be able to build on this momentum.

Assemble a professional team

The unique thing about running a corporate entertainment business is that it requires a professional team with varied skills and qualifications. To put this in perspective, there ought to be an employee who is well versed with sales, another who is tasked with the creativity process and yet another whose responsibilities revolves around the technical aspects of the entertainment field. The latter is very important, simply because pulling off a successful event requires proper sound systems, ideal lighting and staging equipment. Having a qualified technical director on board is certainly integral to the business’s success.

Creating a sound marketing plan and delivering results

Once the business’ foundation is in place, it is important to create a sound marketing plan. The golden rule to marketing corporate entertainment businesses is carrying out campaigns that are targeted at your audience. Networking is important too as referrals have been shown to work excellently in the entertainment sector.

In this digital age, it is impossible to talk about marketing your entertainment business without making mention of social media. Use the different platforms available to your advantage and build a solid brand. The ultimate marketing tool is carrying out a successful event for your corporate client, so see to it that you deliver great results.

The success of any corporate entertainment business hinges on the team that brings the brand alive. Making investments in such a team enables the brand to reap success over a period of time and solidifies the brand’s reputation.

Succession Planning

succession planning strategiesSuccession planning is one of the inevitable activities any forward thinking manager and business owner cannot afford to oversight. It is very crucial to the growth and expansion of any business. In fact, succession planning strategies must be identified well in advance and implemented as it influences various aspects of the business including your marketing strategy and business valuation.

Essentially, it is a process that involves identifying (and developing) various internal personnel who depict the desirable characteristics and potential to take over key leadership positions of a business or company. This process is designed to develop and increase the number of capable and experienced personnel ready to assume the various leadership roles as they become available.

Importance of succession planning

The benefits of succession planning are quite obvious and straightforward. At the core of this process is replacement planning which focuses narrowly on availing back-up employees that can take up specific senior roles in case such need arises. However, succession planning is a grand process that involves talent pool management; developing different feeder groups across the entire leadership progression.

• Preparation – When senior managers and those in upper positions retire, resign or leave for any given reason (such as sickness and death), your business should be already prepared with capable employees that can take up these roles and handle them just as efficient. Without this forward-thinking plan, you are set for sudden disruptions and hurried recruitment which may result in less capable employees in senior management roles. This is disastrous to the growth and expansion of any company.

• Promotion and growth – Any company or business has key roles that should be filled with skilled capable employees. Succession planning basically enables businesses to identify and develop employee skills to a point where they can fill each key role. The process entails recruiting superior personnel, training and developing to fill given roles and offering them promotion opportunities and advancements into more challenging roles. When your business expands, increases sales or looses employees, succession planning guarantees you qualified experienced employees to fill the new roles.

• Business continuity – According to statistics, many business owners plan to quit their roles within the next 5-10 years. However, only about 10% have a well written formal business succession plan. 35% have an informal plan while over 50% have no plan at all. Following the increasing proliferation of small and medium sized enterprises, succession and business continuity issues have become quite common. In the even a business owner dies, it is often deemed necessary to shut down the business even if it is healthy for various reasons that include lack of proper liquidity.

Succession planning does not only ensure you have capable employees to handle advanced roles in the company. It also helps to prevent or at least reduce the many issues associated with ownership transfer and business succession.

It is important to have a formal succession planning as it affects the future of your business as well as the marketing strategy. This process helps you meet the career advancement expectations of employees and also improve their commitment and retention. What’s more, it is a way for the leadership to engage others in lower ranks and meet various objectives. Nonetheless, you must ensure you develop comprehensive succession planning strategies that will work towards meeting your unique business requirements