First Choice Mortgage Brokers Activate Digital Solutions Amid COVID-19

Strict social distancing and lockdown laws amid the coronavirus pandemic has seen First Choice Mortgage Brokers fast-track their processes and procedures to a range of digitally based solutions.

By allowing for digital verification of identity via video calls, First Choice Mortgage Brokers has expanded on their existing flexibility offered to clients and paving the way for a future where face-to-face transactions aren’t essential.

Digital ID solutions was already something that mortgage providers were working on before Covid-19 changed the way individuals did business across the globe. Now, the fast track of digital solutions to cope will ultimately benefit mortgage providers, brokers, as well as customers post the coronavirus era.

Mr Tony Bice, principal of First Choice Mortgage Brokers said, “We have been investigating multiple digital and online options to assist clients for some time. We wanted to be able to make it as easy for clients as possible, especially given we have customers located all around the country. Our conferencing initiatives allows flexibility in the way our brokers conducted meetings with clients and feedback has been very positive from those who have experienced this new way of doing business with us.”

 About First Choice Mortgage Brokers

First Choice Mortgage Brokers are a boutique licensed mortgage finance broking firm that provides clients with guidance and support through all aspects of their finance and risk insurance needs. They provide over 240 different types of mortgage products and offer interest rates from over 35 different banks and financial institutions.

Considered one of the premier mortgage brokers in Australia, their services are available in all major capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and throughout Australia. Their qualified and highly experienced brokers, utilize their integrity, industry knowledge and vast network of resources within the property mortgages sector to benefit clients.

Clients receive the latest, most up to date information to assist their decision in obtaining a mortgage. Comprehensive client consultations enable First Choice Mortgage Brokers to ensure that client’s needs are met with the right kind of advice. Their mortgage brokers are available to visit clients at their place of work, home or location of convenience for a discussion about what the client’s current situation is and how First Choice Mortgage Brokers can assist.




Tony Bice


First Choice Mortgage Brokers

57 Burns Cres, Chiswick Sydney NSW Australia 2046

+611800 111 455

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