Fashion and Digital Marketing

Many years ago, the established wisdom within the industry is that online marketing of fashion would not work. It was thought that customers would want to try the outfit on before committing to a purchase. Despite the hiccups of incorrect sizes and fittings the fashion business has embraced online marketing and is thriving in that space. This has been to the detriment of physical retailing of fashion in cities around the globe. High rents for shops in major cities like Sydney, Paris and London have put increased price tags on items and made them non-competitive on that basis.  Fashion and digital marketing are, now, very comfortable bedfellows.

Online Fashion Providers Thriving

Click here for a fine example of a Sydney based online fashion provider in the men’s wear space. Whether it is men’s jackets or women’s shoes, kid’s fashions or mature lady’s wear, you can source them all cheaper online. Fashion and digital marketing are making things easier for consumers than they have ever been before. Most online retailers have a free freight returns policy for customers who picked the wrong size. This takes the risk out of choosing an ill-fitting garment. The digital space is so good now that potential purchasers can see the fashion article from all angles.

Digital Marketing Has Transformed the Fashion Business

Digital marketing can, also, work in concert with bricks and mortar retailers. Client can buy online and return to the store if they get things wrong. Customers can peruse all the fashions on their smart phones as they travel on public transport to and from work. They can check things out in their lunch breaks and shop around online for the best price. Digital marketing has transformed so many sectors of so many different industries, it has been a god send for the fashion business.

You Can Reach Your Market 24/7

Digital marketing is great for branding and social media is stunning for creating followers and likes. Virtual fashion shows are less expensive to produce and can garner a much wider audience. Global marketing is now possible thanks to the digital realm. Holidays no longer have to adversely impact sales. You can reach your market when they have time on their hands and a portal in their palms. Create style guides to lead the way for consumers in their fashion choices at work and socially. Giveaways on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook are great for building a network of potential clients.

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