Education in Marketing – A Yammer & Sharepoint Study


Many companies thrive following the traditional marketing ways. But most companies are now learning that traditional marketing initiatives are no longer able to effectively convert prospective customers to a paying customer. The average customer has become numb to sales pitch. With the advent of technology shoppers are more informed today. To cash in on this informed lot, it is important to integrate education in marketing mix.

Education is a valuable tool in marketing. Educating prospective customers about your products and services should be a top priority. This way education distinguishes your company as knowledgeable authority and resource in your area of expertise. Educating prospective customers is also a great way to generate the right kind of leads and make a sale. Educational messages should be packed in through multimedia options such as videos, email courses and seminars to win the favour of busy clients. Research shows customers who engage with the company’s educational marketing strategy are 29 times more likely to get the company’s products and services.

About Webvine
Webvine is a boutique SharePoint and Office 365 consultancy based in Sydney. They provide consulting to mid-to-large companies in Australia. Their services include: SharePoint consulting; Office 365 Migrations; Document Management; Intranets and Extranets; Custom Branding and Graphic Design including CSS; Custom Development; Infopaths Forms Development; Business Intelligence; SharePoint Upgrades; Taxonomies, Metadata, Governance; Search including FAST Search; Intranet and Content Migrations to SharePoint; SharePoint Rescue projects; Social Enterprise Consulting & Development with Newsgator & Yammer – plus Dynamic CRM Consulting & Development

What Webvine teaches us about education and marketing

Focus on educating
WebVine runs monthly seminars out of its office in Redfern, Sydney. These seminars focus on SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM and Social Enterprise like Yammer, Sitrion and Jive. They make the seminars more educational in particular parts of what they do, for example a case study on the construction industry’s use of SharePoint for a construction industry seminar. They make sure attendees learned something and they do not waste their time. Providing quality, comprehensive education is a great opportunity to stand out in any industry.

Helping customers through education
Customers don’t care about your products or services; they care about themselves. So your main purpose should be to help customer achieve success with their objectives not to push products and services. An informed customer is the best customer.

Education builds trust, loyalty and credibility
Providing education establishes brand authority, consumer trust and become loyal to what they feel is a trusted advisor. Trust is gained by ensuring educational materials would apply no matter which product or services your prospective consumers prefer to use. WebVine don’t talk about specific product nor disguise their sales pitch as education.

Education increases brand awareness
It is the company’s job to educate the consumer about their product and services. 70% of consumers learn about a company through the internet rather than traditional advertising. Education not only drives traffic to website, but it establishes brand awareness and brand authority.

Educating your customer can save you time
When customers are educated, they can make more informed purchasing decisions without needing a lot of assistance from your sales team. This reduces product returns and increases customer satisfaction rates.

Convert attendees to leads
WebVine provides education through the seminars, people are never asked to sign-up on the spot. What they offer isn’t packable like consumer goods, or a hotel stay. But they do offer a free follow-up consultation and report to the value of $1500. They develop 9-12 touch points, so sending out an email or banner ad about the seminar is 1 touch point, following up once some registered is a second, seeing them at the seminar a third and so on. They don’t want to make the seminar too short or people won’t get value out of it. So 90 minutes or so is a good length of time. Lead qualification happens before, during and after the seminar

Integrate educational program into other marketing efforts
Traditional advertising, email, company’s corporate blog and LinkedIn posts form part of their educational plan at present as they have a bigger reach than a blog on their website. Educational program should work together with all of your other marketing efforts — that way, both audiences grow.

So why not give a little more consideration to the value of education as part of your marketing mix? Education can provide your organization with an advantage over your competitors; this technique revolves around the establishment of trust. By assisting and open sharing of information, prospective customer will turn to sources they can trust. Build a tighter relationship with your prospective customers by educating them and helping them achieve their goals.

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